About me

I am a final year PhD student at IST Austria where I am supervised by Krishnendu Chatterjee and Petr Novotný. Prior to IST, I obtained my undergraduate and master degrees in mathematics at the University of Cambridge, where I was a student at the lovely Gonville & Caius College. You may find my CV here.

I am on the (academic and industry) job market. If you think that I would be a good fit for your department or team, please do reach out!

Research Interests

My research focuses on developing algorithms for formally verifying correctness of software. In particular, I combine ideas from Formal Verification, Programming Languages and Machine Learning research in order to design mathematically rigorous yet fully automated and scalable methods for providing formal guarantees about programs, systems with learned components as well as for safe learning. More concretely, my research interests include:

  • Formal Verification
  • Static Program Analysis
  • Neural Network Verification
  • Learning-based Control
  • Safe Reinforcement Learning
  • Game Theory

Research Highlights

I am especially interested in formal verification and certified control of stochastic systems in which stochasticity is used to model and quantify uncertainty. I have worked on static analysis of probabilistic programs (CAV 2022, FM 2021, POPL 2017) and formal verification and safe policy learning for stochastic feedback loop systems (AAAI 2023a, SRML@ICLR 2022, AAAI 2022, NeurIPS 2021). However, my research is not restricted to stochastic systems and I have also worked on static analysis for non-probabilistic programs and properties such as termination or resource usage (PLDI 2022, PLDI 2021), as well as on verification of quantized neural networks (AAAI 2023b, AAAI 2021).

I also study bidding games on graphs. These are a class of games that model ongoing and stateful auctions, in which players have budgets and bid for the right to move. In our work, we studied such games with several classical bidding mechanisms (AAAI 2023c, SODA 2021, MFCS 2019).